John McNamara

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  • The challenges of home working in an Irish Winter

  • Further Clarity is Sought

  • Lessons in Self Honesty from Flying with Ryanair

Client Testimonials

  • “I have had the privilege of working closely with John, and I cannot emphasize enough the positive impact he has had on my growth. His unwavering commitment to holding me accountable to myself has pushed me to reach new heights. Moreover, his unique approach of placing a mirror in front of me has fostered unparalleled self-awareness, enabling me to recognize and overcome hidden obstacles. One of the remarkable aspects of working with John is his dedication to his clients”

    Colin – CEO @ Legal Operators, San Francisco

  • “John provided excellent support as I transitioned into a new company and industry. This ensured I had a clear progression path against which I could assess my performance, particularly over the first 100 days of my new role. John’s support and insights greatly assisted in navigating the challenges encountered over this period and beyond.”

    Ian – Financial Director @ Uniphar

  • “I had the fortunate opportunity to work with John in 2023 in a coaching capacity as part of a leadership programme. The sessions with John have assisted myself in managing the New Zealand business, identifying critical areas of focus and coaching positive outcomes. His ability to listen and articulate insightful feedback through difficult situations has been invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending John for future coaching roles at senior leadership level.”

    Rhys – GM @ Enermech New Zealand

  • I have worked with John for a few years now and I have to say his guidance and understanding of what I need at any given time is really valuable. Whether it is personal goals or business interests to navigate, working with a professional who understands what you are about and your drivers is hugely important. It helps to keep me focused and driven towards my targets. I would highly recommend giving John a call.”

    Karl – Director @ Moore Financial

  • “Working with John was a fantastic experience. Not only does he encourage self-reflection and self- awareness of your day-to-day habits and behaviours, but he also looks at your current skill-set and how this can be promoted to support you in developing as a professional. John challenges your thought process to enable you to reflect at a deeper level enabling you to pinpoint key areas of change. Working with John has made me a better leader, built more self-confidence and allowed for positive adaptability in my role”

    Stacey – CEO @ Odyssey Social Care

  • “I met John through an emerging managers programme I was part of. John’s delivery of the course was excellent, very challenging and engaging. I had a pleasure of working with John on one-to-one basis during individual coaching sessions. I was sceptical at first, but John quickly gained my trust and skilfully guided me towards pragmatic solutions to my problems. I felt more confident and better equipped to face work challenges”

    Sonia – Head of Regulatory Compliance @ Revolut